27th January 2022 - COVID update

Despite the government restrictions being eased in respect to the wearing of face coverings from 27th January, we are kindly asking all clients, as a courtesy to our staff and others, to continue to wear a face covering whilst on our premises. This is to ensure that the COVID risk is kept as low as possible for our staff which will hopefully ensure we can continue to provide a service for our clients and their pets. Our staff will all continue to wear face masks/shields for the foreseeable future. We also continue to have access restrictions due to the size of our consult rooms and the ability to socially distance. We know our clients will be supportive of this and understand the reasons behind our request. Please be kind.

2nd January 2022 - Cat vaccine issue

Unfortunately we have had to make the decision to suspend CAT vaccinations until further notice. We have been informed by our vaccination supplier that there is now a UK and European shortage of cat vaccines. It is thought that due to the significant increase in new pets over the last 18 months, along with some vaccine manufactures' factories being hit by COVID and unable to produce vaccines, that this national shortage has occurred.

We have tried to source vaccines from other suppliers but they too are being hit by additional demand and therefore we are reliant on what stock we have remaining. The companies are working hard to restore supplies and we were hopeful that the situation would be resolved early in the New Year. However supplies are still at a critical level. Please note:

This does NOT apply to dog or rabbit vaccinations, only cats.

Any cat vaccinations that have an appointment already booked at either our Shipley or Bingley surgery will be honoured, however any future vaccination requests will be allocated on a priority / urgency basis only and whilst stocks last. Manufacturers have reassured us that immunity can remain up to 3 months past the booster due date and therefore we are able to delay these.

We are still in challenging times with regards to the pandemic and this has hit many drug, vaccination and food supply chains to both the human and veterinary industry but we strive to continue to provide a service to our clients where we can. We hope you are understanding with this new challenge which we will strive to rectify as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. Team AVG x

1st October 2021 - COVID update

We are gradually making changes to our way of working now that the risks to staff and clients are lowered due to vaccination. Whereas before we would only permit entry into the waiting room, we have made changes so we can now per permit ONE person to enter the consultation room with your pet as long as a face covering can be worn. This is not essential and if clients still prefer to remain either outside or in the waiting room , a nurse will happily accompany your pet. Unfortunately, if a face covering cannot be worn, then entry into the consult room will not be permitted. This is purely due to minimal social distancing that can occur in the small space. 

14th July 2021 - Covid Update

We are hoping to all stay safe and stay open and we need your help! 

Not all our staff are fully vaccinated and even if this was the case, the risk of contracting COVID does not dissapear. With the pandemic still raging on and levels quickly on the rise again, we have made the decision to continue with our existing consulting system. This means that although clients will still be permitted into the waiting room as before, they will NOT be permitted into our consultation rooms with their pet and will continue to be accompanied by our nursing team. 

With the addition of 3 million new pets acquired throughout England over the past 12 months, the veterinary profession has been stretched to its limits. Our staff must be protected to ensure that the practice can remain open and continue to provide a service. Our staff will continue to wear face coverings as this is what makes us feel comfortable and we will encourage clients to do the same. We understand the frustration this may cause but we would be really appreciative to our clients in respecting our decision to continue as we are. Our COVID protocols will be reviewed again during the next scheduled government change on the 16th August which removes the need for staff to self-isolate should they be in contact with someone with COVID. Please RESPECT our decision and BE KIND.